1st Prize Photography–2015 Bixby Residential Media Scholarship

Tyler Kirtley Wallride flowershop

First prize for photography captured action with eye-popping clarity, a sense for dramatic and colorful composition, and with an alternative light source that draws attention to the subject and his seemingly impossible position.  This gentleman is headed to San Francisco State University.  For Tyler Skating, congratulations to Devin Sandoval.

Devin’s own words about this photo:

The photo that I have chosen to turn in is of one of my best friends Tyler Kirtley skating in Daly City. This was taken over spring break when a group of us had decided to take a road trip to San Francisco for four days. The location of this photo is at a Do It Yourself (DIY) skate spot inside of an apartment complex in the backyard. The only times you can go are between noon and six in the afternoon. It was all built by random people and graffiti is all over the place. I took this with my Canon 60D and a 24mm 2.8 fixed focal length lens. The ISO for this picture was at 100 since it was shot in the middle of the day and light was pretty harsh. I was excited because I had just bought and off camera Speedlite, it was my first time using it, and it was fun learning the distance and where I could make his shadow be. This will always be a sentimental photo for me because it was the first time going to San Francisco with only a group of friends and because it involves one of my best friends in my future home of San Francisco.