Rad Pad: Bayshores Custom Home Surprises

2471 Crestview Drive in Newport Beach’s gated Bayshores neighborhood surprises visitors with unusual materials, innovative design by Courtney Lawrence-Zeithing, and striking architecture from Mark Scheurer.  Featured in the pages of Luxe Magazine, this home is sited on an oversized lot in this exclusive bayfront community.  The approximately 4,400 square foot home enjoys easy access to the private beach, Balboa Bay Club, and large boat marina.  Capturing the essence of effortlessly stylish indoor-outdoor family living, the designer adorned the home with Contemporary, coastal, and Old Hollywood influenced materials such as exotic Mahogany, Texas shell stone, Macassar ebony wood cabinets, Zebrawood, and slab marble countertops.  Floor to ceiling windows and doors drench the home with sunlight.  A 4-car garage is an added bonus for the auto buff or extra “toy” storage.

Price:  $4,650,000

Images and content courtesy of Steve High and Evan Corkett.  To inquire call:  949.677.0111.

NHHS Print Entry: Is the UC Process Too Easy?

By Maire Rayburn

You do not have to be a senior to know that applying to college is one of the most important and exciting times of a student’s life. One would think, after years of preparation and stressing its importance, applying to such prestigious schools like UC Berkeley or UC Davis, would be comparable to taking the worst AP test you could ever imagine. It is not, however, the terrible monster of an application that most seniors expected.

The UC application consists of personal information, campuses and majors, academic information, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, work experience, test scores, and two personal statements with the option of a third. The truth is, most students do not find it particularly difficult. The application is simply time consuming, but considering only one application is necessary for a countless number of UCs, it is not as time consuming as it could be. Shouldn’t something that determines a hard working student’s future be the ultimate feat of his or her academic career so far?

In comparison with some English assignments high school students receive; the UC application is a breeze. The applicant is given an entire month to complete it. I highly doubt a student has ever been given such a generous amount of time to complete an assignment. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that because the application is so easy, so many people apply. Not only does this flood the schools, but students who just apply for the heck of it take the spots of those who have worked so hard to be accepted.

In order to solve this problem, I believe students should have to apply themselves and work hard for the higher education that will determine the course of their lives. The application should also be more personalized with interviews as well as a chance to explain more of that applicants background other than academically, which would give the students a better chance to represent themselves. This would concentrate the students who truly want to be a part of a UC and take care of the average forty thousand applicants per university.



Another Reason to Buy a Home…NOW

The following post provided by Paula Beck of First Capital Mortgage.  For questions, you can contact Paula at pbeck@firstcapitalmtg.com or call 949.759.3757.

The most popular home loans are about to get smaller in hundreds of U.S. counties–and not only those that have the priciest houses.  Borrowers who want a relatively bigger loan, whether to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage, may need to act soon to avoid higher costs and fewer options.

Lower mortgage limits mean borrowers whose loan amount is larger will have to pay a significant amount more–either in down payment or interest rate–because they can’t qualify for a Fannie/Freddie or FHA loan.

Loan limits vary by county, and the changes will vary by county as well.  Each county has two maximum loan sizes:  one for confirming loans, which lenders can sell to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the other for mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration, or FHA.

Those maximum loan sizes will be reduced on Oct. 1.  The changes are expected to affect all or most of the 620 counties that have elevated loan limits for FHA-insured or conforming mortgages.  Source:  Bankrate.com

Currently Orange and LA County borrowers benefit from a raised conforming limit of $729,000.  If the proposed changes go into effect, it could negatively impact buyers trying to get loan amounts closer to the current conforming limit.  This will but downward pressure on OC and LA real estate prices and will affect all but the highest-end properties in our area. –Grant Bixby


NHHS Print Entry: Newport Harbor Junior Creates Student Congress

By Ryan Dutch

In response to a lack of student voice on campus, Junior, Nicholas Jaber has created a student congress to address issues of concern for the student body and faculty. As a spearhead to the body’s efforts, Jaber will address the issue of extending lunch by five minutes by taking five minutes out of the break period.

“The five minutes isn’t coming out of any constructive time- it’s coming out of break,” said Jaber. “In my opinion, break is just a glorified passing period.”

The student congress was recently started due to Jaber’s concern that ASB wasn’t politically centered, addressing student’s and faculty’s political concerns, and serving as a bridge between students and administration. Jaber remained in communication with Vice Principal, Jack Cusik and ASB Director, April Helliwell who agreed to sanction a committee as a separate entity from ASB, yet sponsored by ASB as long as the concerns and propositions were realistic. The move to extend lunch by five minutes is the first of many future propositions the congress will propose.

“We have to get a legitimate population of students involved to find out what students think and what students want,” said Jaber. “Once we have enough students and voices backing a proposition that is in the best interest for everyone, we can present that proposition to a faculty meeting.”

The move to extend lunch would affect not only students, but teachers and faculty as well. Currently, the thirty minute lunch period congests the senior parking lot during the first ten minutes, leaves students who purchase their lunch at school rushed to eat after minutes of waiting in line, and threatens the effectiveness of most clubs. The student congress would lobby for this change by using the strategy of strength in numbers.

“I think ASB is great, but I don’t think we represent the entire student body. The first step to changing the culture of our school and integrating the student body more effectively is to put students in the same room and have them fight for a common cause- it’s very powerful,” said Jaber. “Anyone is welcome and everyone can be involved.”

As of now, the student congress doesn’t have a weekly meeting date, however meetings will be announced over the announcements and will take place in the ASB room by the Career Center. Students who wish to participate can check out the Facebook page, NHHS Student Congress to find more information.


NHHS Print Entry: Is There Harbor Arrogance?

By Maire Rayburn

Although school pride is encouraged, there comes a point when it ceases to be a desired quality. This point is the fine line between pride and arrogance, and Newport Harbor has crossed it.

The behavior demonstrated by Harbor students displays their sense of superiority and entitlement. It is not uncommon to hear snobbish remarks from students on campus regarding other high schools on a daily basis. For example, CDM is a favorite for Harbor students. I understand they are Harbor’s biggest rival, and any student will admit, rivalries are fun, but most students fail to realize there is a difference between pride, which is rooting for our teams, and arrogance, which is bashing by making generalized statements about the individuals.

If we Sailors had true pride in our school, we would represent it in a classier manor instead of uplifting ourselves by tearing others down. This condescending attitude gives others the impression that Harbor students think they are better than everyone else. I heard statements similar to this at the end of my sophomore year when I told my friends from Segerstom High School that I was transferring to Newport Harbor. The issue of cliques among the students also represents a dividing arrogance. This invisible barrier can be seen at break and lunch as students segregate into “their group.”  Instead of accepting Harbor’s diversity with pride, the arrogance goes so far as to separate our students from eachother, not just from those of another school.

A more concrete example of Harbor’s lack of pride, is shown in how we take care of our school grounds. Everyday, as I walk the campus, I see trash scattered carelessly on the ground. It is as if students think they are too good to pick up their own trash. What students should realize, is that their actions demonstrate their attitude, so if we want to be viewed as the mature people we have the potential to be, we need to find some humility and bring Newport Harbor High School closer together.



California State Property Taxes DUE APRIL 10th.

It’s tax time…again.

State of California property taxes are due April 10, 2011.  Any later and you’ll be penalized.  To add to the pain, don’t forget income taxes for State and Federal are due to be filed by April 18, 2011.

Forget the amount of your property tax or if you’ve already paid?  Want to pay online?  Click the proper link below:

Orange County Tax Assessor

Los Angeles County Tax Assessor

Make sure you read the fine print if you elect to pay online (additional credit card charges apply).  If you mail, pay the extra for Certified Mail to avoid penalties and get your postmark on the 10th guaranteed.