Bixby Residential Awards Three Scholarships at Newport Harbor Senior Awards Night


L to R: Grant Bixby with winners Tyler Carlin, Taylor Anderson, and Dana Siegel

If you haven’t heard about our local Newport Harbor High School journalism and media programs, you will soon. Matt Johnson’s journalism class through the english department is one of the most popular classes. Cori Ciok and Lisa Cermak’s film and digital media classes are full of the latest and best technology for creative minded scholars. But the students, it turns out, are the real stars.

Three years ago I created these scholarships because I’m passionate about the importance of good journalism and the positive effects it has on our society. Thoughtful reporting, striking imagery, and moving film urge media consumers to become involved in their community. As a result, our lives improve through this civic engagement. Each June I award three seniors who submit the best in print journalism, still photography, and film journalism.

This first student demonstrates a superb command of language and fashions well-reasoned arguments. I’m told she has amazingly persuasive powers over University admissions offices. The winner for Print Journalism with her entry No ID? No Problem!, DANA SIEGEL.

The next scholar understands that photography is not just about skill, but also being in the right place at the right time. The winner for Still Photography with her artistic image of a Laguna Beach rock formation and bird in flight, TAYLOR ANDERSON.

Last but not least, a student who is clearly and casually comfortable in front of and behind the lens, as well as in the editing bay. The winner for Film Journalism with his short titled The Battle of Costa Mesa, TYLER CARLIN.

Congratulations to all the winners. Enjoy your prize winnings of $1,000, and keep writing, shooting, and filming! Thank you.

–Grant Bixby