Announcement: Bixby Residential to Sponsor Newport Harbor High School Media Scholarship Competition

NHHS Beacon--Student run newspaper

Bixby Residential to award Media Scholarship for the 2010/2011 academic year.  The competition will be available to all seniors who comply with the entry requirements.  Details are being finalized with the assistance of Newport Harbor High School English & Journalism Professor Matt Johnson and guidance counselor Grace Ngyuen.  Entries will be posted at throughout the school year.  Categories may include print, photo journalism, and short film reportage.

“This scholarship allows me to share my passion for journalism and writing with aspiring local students,” says Grant Bixby.  “Hopefully it will be a fun thing for kids, rather than the tired college application personal essay.  Participants will have the freedom to be creative and have a good time with it.”

Stay tuned for more details this December.