NHHS Photo Entry: "UNITY" by Chase Salazar

My title for this image is “Unity.”  My purpose for this work was to illustrate the inner child that is in every human soul.  We all, at one point, were playful and innocent, like a child.   But it seems with the chaotic pace of our society, we have become characters of stress.

Photo: "Unity" by Chase Salazar

I used the teenagers in this picture with the addition of my 80-year-old grandmother to show the “Unity” of playfulness in every person, no matter what the age.  Maybe its time that we all find our inner child and let ourselves free.

This picture was taken place against a blank wall in my home with the ceiling lights to create a downward light exposure.  In the picture (in order from the left to the right) are Blanche Hendy, Jeremy Faber, Ryan Hernandez, and Brad Tuz.  I used a Nikon 90-D camera to take the picture.  I used a low flash when I took the picture in order to receive the most exposure possible coming from the ceiling.