NHHS Print Entry: Too Cool For School

By Kiori Snyder

Spirit.  Merriam Webster defines it as enthusiastic loyalty.  It is often the foundation of a school, but it seems to be missing from Newport Harbor.

Walking through the halls, I see students in all sorts of apparel repping their favorite colleges and sports teams; everything from USC to NYU, from the Lakers to the Packers.  But why do I rarely see anyone wearing anything relating to our school, the one place we spend most of our time?

Newport Harbor is one of the only establishments we truly belong to in life, now and forever.  As much as we may dread waking up every morning to come here, it is a part of us.  We are a part of a tradition that has existed for over 75 years, it is something we should be proud of, right?

Of course, we all get together and cheer on our fellow Sailors at their biggest games of the year, like the various Battles of the Bay, but why aren’t there bigger turn outs for the other games of the season, no matter their importance? Why do pep rallies, which are supposed to promote school spirit, turn into boo fests and an excuse for others to complain and criticize? Why don’t more students feel motivated to attend the school dances?

It seems that the only students who have spirit and work hard to sustain it are those who are either on ASB or those who are athletes.  We should all be proud of our school and enthusiastic to be here.  When we show school spirit, we are not only supporting our school, but what it represents. It represents the area we live in, grew up in, or just hang out in.  We are fortunate to be a part of something so unified.

Being a sailor is something we will be for life, so why not give it the respect it deserves?  The four years we spend here determine the paths we take in the near future; that is four years we will never have back.  We should be living in the moment and making the most of our time in high school.  If we don’t respect the place we are in now, we may never be able to respect the future places we will go.