NHHS Print Entry: Tutors (Editorial)

By Spencer Lindsay

These days, in the upper level classes of Newport Harbor, tutors are often looked at as just a part of taking an AP class. Tutors, however, compromise academic integrity and hinder good students who choose not to use them.

I am not against tutors that are utilized to pass classes. If one is failing a class and they chose to get a tutor to try to bring an F up to a C, they have every right to do so. I am against tutors who are used to enhance academic performance to make students look good in AP classes that the student should probably not be taking anyway. It is not fair to tutor-less students in the sense that their essays and scores look worse in light of the tutored kids’ scores, nor is it fair to them that the tutored kids’ transcripts are held in higher regard by college admissions officers who have no knowledge to the extent of their tutor background.

Tutors also compromise academic integrity in the sense that students misrepresent their own views or their own depth of knowledge for a better grade. Whenever a tutor helps a student write a paper (or in some cases writes it for them) it cheapens the assignment because the thoughts expressed in the essay are not the student’s and the student alone’s. They are not writing what they think, they are writing what they are being told to think by someone who knows the subject much better than they do.

Furthermore students who cannot afford private tutoring are hurt by their presence in high school academics. They are hurt by tutored students essays and test scores in the class that raise the grading curve so that they perform worse in the class. They are also hurt in class rank (though Harbor doesn’t rank) and GPA because of students with tutors will likely outperform them.

College admissions favors students who have been tutored because their GPA’s and test scores are inflated. Tutor-less students who perhaps tried harder than the tutored students, and perhaps know more than the tutored students are looked at in worse light because they would not compromise their academic integrity in the name of their GPA or could not afford to. This causes an injustice to honest hardworking students who are less apt to get accepted to their dream school than tutored students.

I do not believe in tutors for grade enhancement and they should have no place in high school.